The Geeky Rabbit: Day 1 of STGCC

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 1 of STGCC

The time of the year that I've been anticipating for the longest time! This week, the STGCC or Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention is held at the Marina Bay Sands. Since I've the tickets for the event, I'm intending to spend my whole weekend there. As seen, my favorite artiste, Simone Legno, has a booth there. I already have lots and lots of tokidoki merchandise, and I managed to snag some of the new stuff! 

I love the trucker caps, but there's only one new design this year. It wasn't really my style so I gave it a pass. I already have a few of the shirts, so I picked up some accessories. I even saw a few people getting the entire set of the Royal Pride vinyl blind boxes! I am not so into the Royal Pride line so I only got one. They sell the Unicorno too, but I already have the complete set hence I gave it a pass.

Other blind boxes available there include the punk star one and also the cactus pups, but in what I saw the cactus pups were running pretty low. They also have most of the new vinyl figurines! Too cute! I had to control myself from getting too many. Plushies were also available, along with the usual shirts and skate decks.

There wasn't any bag booth last year, but this time round they decided to have a booth dedicated to tokidoki handbags. I already have a few of the stuff, so I only picked up the new print that I haven't already got.

And yes, I did mange to meet Simone to get some autographs and drawings too! Really happy and glad to add on to my collection of Tokidoki goodies.

One of the highlights of the STGCC is the hot toys booth, and OMG there were so many people there. The display was fantastic. However, not all of the items were for sale. I particularly like the tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises.

I didn't preorder the Captain America piece that seemed to be the most popular one. Here's the other Captain America one that's on display:

Can't wait for the last and final day of the STGCC tomorrow! And after that, I'll have to wait an entire year....

But it's always worth it!


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