The Geeky Rabbit: DIY inspiration: cat ear hairband

Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY inspiration: cat ear hairband

I recently got a cat ear hairband, and I love how it looks! There are many places that sells such hairbands. I've seen it in yellow gold, rose gold and silver. It comes with pearls or crystals. Personally, I picked the silver hairband with clear crystals.

This hairband made me feel pretty inspired to do a DIY of it, and make a more customized version of the hairband. I've got some ideas, so hopefully I will be able to get it done over the weekend.

I love how the hairband looks. It's quite classy with the crystals, so I think it'll look great with dresses. I haven't tried it with casual get-ups, but personally I'd wear it for more fun parties. It's not something I'll wear on an everyday basis.

Watch out for the DIY tutorial soon!



tian♥ said...

hello! I'm really interested to get a pair of the pearl/cat ears headband but the fad seems to be over! could you kindly share where did you get yours/ if you have more that you dont mind selling/ or how to DIY a set! thanks much!

The Geeky Rabbit said...

Hi there! I got mine at a street store quite a long time ago! I do agree it's not as common nowadays. I have seen furry cat ear headbands at Daiso, but not the metal/pearl kind.

I do have a tutorial for a similar style here:

For this one, it's more versatile as you can clip it at any angle and adjust where you want the cat ears to be. The materials can be found at most craft stores. Hope it will be helpful!