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Monday, September 17, 2012

essence cosmetics in singapore: review of what I got

Recently, I got to know about essence cosmetics, and I showed some brochures in the entry here. I managed to pick up lots of essence goodies recently, and I'm really excited about the products that I managed to find! The stuff sell out really fast, as I mentioned, so I was so happy to be able to what I wanted! More of the detailed product description after the jump!

I picked up the translucent face powder, and it was the only piece left! There were a few face powders available, but this was the only lose powder. I am running out of loose powder, so this is a good addition. It looks pretty promising, and based on the tester, it felt pretty nice!

I picked up lots of goodies for the nails! I got myself 2 sets of french glam nail tattoo stickers. These were little packs of nail scratch-ons stickers, and there were 2 color themes- white and black. I decided to get both, and they'd go really well with french manicures! There were lots of french manicure guides and tip painters, but since I am actually pretty good at doing freestyle nail art, I gave those a pass. I'd think that the nail art pen and french tip drawing tools, as well as french tip stickers, would be really good for people who are not so confident in doing freehand designs on the nails.

I picked up 3 different shades of nail polish. I was so tempted to grab more colors, but I had to control myself. I got one with glitter, one with fine shimmer and one regular color. I love the 79 Viva La Green! Very Tiffany! The black has some shimmer in it, while Time for Romance is a unique ruby tone with glitter and shimmer in it. Can't wait to try them!

I also got myself a clear lash and brow gel mascara. Great for the days when I want some lash definition but don't wanna wear colored mascara. I'm gonna use it to set my brow powder too. It's really a great buy, since a lot of brands do not offer clear gel mascara.

The I Love Runway highlighter was something unexpected. I was browsing the vast selection of concealers when I came across this pen. I already have lots of highlighters, but none in pen form so this is great for my on-the-go case!

Trying out the pencil liners... I must confess I am more of a gel liner person (they also offer those in grey, brown and black) but These shades caught my eye! I got one kajal pencil and one long lasting eye pencil. The latter is a twist-up pencil, while the kajal is a traditional pencil that requires sharpening. Didn't get black as I wanted to be adventurous. The 21 Feel The Eclipse is actually a deep grey plum hue.

And the marble mania blush! It's sold out almost everywhere so I was so thrilled to find this. It's a rosy-peachy tone, so it's great for layering. And definitely gonna use it with the souffle touch blush for a more lasting glow. 

Finally on to the brushes... I picked up ALL of the brushes that was available. For eyes, there was the smokey eye brush, gel liner brush (I'm gonna use it for brows too, since it's a slant tip one) and eyeshadow brush. These are the brushes on the top picture, from left to right. The face brush includes the blush brush and powder brush. The handles for the brushes are quite short, so it's great for travelling and just the right length to fit most makeup bags. And I love the pouches that hold the brushes- I'm gonna keep the brushes in them. Good protection from splaying fibres, and definitely makes my makeup organization more neat. 

I'm really pleased with all the products, and I'm definitely looking out for the new collections and more goodies!


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