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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting my first Mason Pearson brush

I've read so much about the Mason Pearson brush in various magazines, and for years and years it has entered the beauty product ranks that various magazines publish. One of the most memorable list that I remember is the Instyle Best Beauty Buys, and the brush had been featured on the magazine for so many years! According to this, the brush is the best paddle brush since 2005. Mason Pearson isn't available in Singapore, hence it's impossible to get it in stores. I've read on forums that some ladies do get it direct from hair dressers, but since I don't have a regular hairdresser, that isn't an option for me. It took a lot of research, and I finally got my own brush!

The most popular brush that always get the raves is the full-size paddle brush, but I wasn't willing to spend so much on something that I have never seen or tried before. Hence, I settled for the pocket-sized bristle and nylon brush. The price is way steeper than most of the hair brushes available (compared to my Vidal Sassoon and even Frédéric Fekkai brushes, Mason Pearson cost a lot more. At least 1.5 times the price of my most expensive brush!).

There are many websites that offer the brush, but not all of the sites ship internationally. I saw many brushes on ebay as well. However, it is up to your own discretion to select the site carefully. I'm very particular when it comes to beauty products and I generally avoid getting my goods from auction sites. I'm a slicker for hygiene. I won't openly recommend the websites for brush shopping, but do take into consideration the shipping fees when you choose where to get your brushes. There are some sites that have shipping costing more than half the price of the brush I got!

I picked the dark ruby handle as it's the most classic color. It looks almost black with poor lighting. It comes in baby blue and pink as well, but I preferred the one that I got. I love the simple, retro-looking packaging. I'm guessing that the packaging was an old design that lingered on since the inception of the brush!

I'm going to try out the brush this weekend, and hopefully compare it with the Frédéric Fekkai Classic Brush that I got. The Fekkai brush is around the same size as the Mason Pearson one, but I realized that the bristles for the Mason Pearson one is much more sparse. Since the nylon bristles of the Fekkai one has the tiny 'balls' or 'massaging beads' on the ends, the brush looks much more dense. I've had my Frédéric Fekkai brush for the past 2 years, and other than some tiny scratches on the handle, the brush looks new. 

Comparing the Mason Pearson (left) to the Frédéric Fekkai (right)

Shall do a more detailed comparison once I've used the Mason Pearson brush for a longer time! Check out the official Mason Pearson site for the brush descriptions. Do note that the official site doesn't sell the brushes!


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