The Geeky Rabbit: h&m metal hair cuffs in pink!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

h&m metal hair cuffs in pink!

I suppose hair cuffs are still trendy these days. I started to notice them and got my own dose earlier this year, and I realized that H&M has been rolling new variations every other month. Now spotted in the local store: pink hair cuffs!

From the photos the rubber band looks white, but it's actually a pale shade of pink. It's still the same style and size, but with a metallic pink finish. I don't see the original gold or silver variant anywhere though. They still have the silver zebra print and rose-gold zebra print ones, as well as the bejewelled ones that I featured here. The studded gold one is sold out, and I didn't manage to find it in the accessories department.


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