The Geeky Rabbit: hello kitty x mamegoma plush toy

Saturday, September 29, 2012

hello kitty x mamegoma plush toy

I was out and about running some errands when I came across this version of Hello Kitty dressed in a seal costume. I've always adored Hello Kitty stuff (clearly from my many posts devoted to the mouth-less feline). I wasn't expecting to get any new Hello Kitty plushes but this one certainly caught my attention, and I had to get it since it's super rare!

According to the shop keeper, the plush does exist in other colors but only the pink one was left when I was there. I was ok with the pink mamegoma 'outfit' that Kitty was wearing as I love pink as well. The plush is quite small- around the size of my macbook pro keyboard.

It's a very round and lush plush, and I adore it to bits! The tag says that it's a Japan exclusive, so I was quite glad to get it. I believe it's a direct import from Japan and probably hand-carried by the retailers.

I do hope to find more Hello Kitty merchandise dressed up as mamegoma, but so far haven't seen any other items. Perhaps another day I may be in luck again!


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