The Geeky Rabbit: how to make normal nail polish look like gel

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

how to make normal nail polish look like gel

I love the look of gel nail polish, but I didn't want to invest in the tools to do gel nails. Moreover, gelish can be pretty high maintenance due to the removal process. My nails grow very quickly, so I'm not so inclined on trying gelish. I've devised a little trick to make normal polish look like gel! More tips after the jump!

The effect will be more obvious with glitter polish. Here, I used a peachy base color as a base tone, while layering Orly's Be Brave (part of the new Breast Cancer Awareness collection) and Essence's Time for Romance. The Orly polish is really pretty, and the flakes are pink with a bit of orange and purple sheen. Very eye catching yet subtle! Awesome for layering indeed.

The trick is to embed the glitter with lots and lots of top coat! I'm using OPI's top coat, and I personally find the Seche Vite one too tacky for this method. Basically, instead of wearing one layer of top coat, I'm using FIVE layers of top coat. Top coat usually dries very quickly, so the entire process should take about 30 minutes to complete. As I wait for the topcoat to dry, I am still able to work on the computer and type properly on the keyboard. I find this a hassle-free method of making the top coat look thick! With a very thick clear top coat, the glitter and flakes would look as if they are embedded in gel.

It's best not to use topcoats that are too sticky, as it'd be hard to paint on the subsequent layers after the first layer has set. I tried with Seche Vite before, but the whole manicure looked clumpy after the second layer of topcoat.

Loving my freshly done 'gel' manicure! The photos don't do the actual glitter justice.


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