The Geeky Rabbit: Samantha Thavasa x With lanyard/card case

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Samantha Thavasa x With lanyard/card case

I'm a huge fan of Samantha Thavasa (ST), and I love the cute, girly products. I recently picked up the October 2012 issue of With magazine, Japan edition. It came with a lovely pink/peach ST lanyard and card holder. I love how the lanyard looks! 

The card case has 2 sides, with one clear pouch that's great for access passes or cards that need to be displayed. The other side is a concealed pouch that can hold about 2 credit cards.

The lanyard itself is pink, and secures with buttons instead of the jumbo lobster clasp that is usually used for most commercial lanyards.

Love the pink and peach combination! The lanyard and card holder is definitely very well made. The sewing is neat and secure, and I believe the card case is rather durable. It's made of PVC and not real leather as with most ST card cases sold in the boutiques. I wouldn't say that the quality is totally on par with the boutique products, but it is definitely on par! The boutique ones tend to have more blings and frills adorning the exterior and this one is plainer.

Nonetheless, I'm really loving the lanyard! The length is pretty long, so for me I actually use it with my own gold Coach leather lanyard. The gold matches the peach really well too!


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