The Geeky Rabbit: trying out different darkness eyelash glue

Saturday, September 15, 2012

trying out different darkness eyelash glue

There's actually 3 different types of Darkness eyelash glue available, and I got 2 different kinds to try them out. I gave the other variant a pass because I don't really like the squeeze tubes. I decided to get the premium glue in black and the non-premium one in white. Here's a short comparison of the two different eyelash glues.

The brushes are both very thin and precise, so it's easy to apply the eyelash glue on. I am decently adept with applying eyelash glue, so the formula is just right. I did notice that the premium glue is more tacky and sticky.

The black premium glue cannot be used as an eyelid glue (to make artificial double eyelids pop) since it's really very black. And just a warning- the black stains the face pretty badly if not applied precisely! It's difficult to remove once it gets on the surrounding eye area, so I don't recommend this if you're clumsy at applying lashes. 

The glue looks blue but dries black. I don't know if it's supposed to be this way, but the blue-ish glue is kinda strange looking in the tube.

The white one, as mentioned, isn't so sticky but still works very well. The lashes can stay on for the whole day, and the white glue dries clear. 

One of the issues is that since the glue is so effective (yay!) and sticky, it actually damages the lashes quite a bit when removed. I have a hard time cleaning up the lashes after wearing them for an entire day, so I couldn't reuse the lashes anymore. I tried to soak off the excess glue with makeup remover and a bit of alcohol, and the lashes ended up being dry and crispy.

Overall, this is the best glue that I've tried. It's unscented (unlike the Duo and Ardell ones that smell terrible), so I definitely have found my holy grail lash glue! Loving the Darkness series!


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