The Geeky Rabbit: Anna Dello Russo x H&M necklace: review and photos

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anna Dello Russo x H&M necklace: review and photos

Previously: Versace for H&M

Remember my previous post on the Anna Dello Russo serpentine earrings here? As mentioned, I'm not that into the whole collection for this season's collaboration, hence I got very few pieces. This necklace is the other item that I procured. It's simple enough for my taste, and not too loud. Albeit it has lots and lots of crystals and blings!

Look at the amount of bling on the large links! The alternating chain links are encrusted with crystals (I suspect they're just normal glass crystals and not Swarovski ones, since there's no authenticity sticker or anything of the links to indicate the latter).  The necklace is rather plain on the whole, except for the crystals. From far, it looks as if the links alternate between silver and gold.

Even the smaller links at the end of the necklace are not spared from blings! Same style as before, alternate links are blinged-out. 

I love the detailing of the necklace, and one thing that caught my attention is the giant lobster clasp. Check out the size as compared to my keyboard key! It's almost as large as a key! It's really sturdy, which is a huge plus since the necklace is pretty heavy. The huge clasp makes the whole item feel very sturdy. I won't need to fret about the clasp snapping. Yes, it has happened before for other necklaces and it isn't a good feeling! Especially when I'm out and about, with no pliers or tools on hand for repair.

The end of the necklaces has a bejeweled 'A'. I think this is the same charm used for the necklace extensions and shoe charm, as well as zipper charm for the entire collection.

I am definitely a fan of the H&M collaborations over the past years, though I don't actually get every single item that is released. So far, I've gotten items for the past collection over 4 years:
  • Anna Dello Russo
  • Marni
  • Versace Cruise
  • Versace
  • Lanvin
  • Jimmy Choo
Among these collections, I must say that my favorite one has got to be the Versace one. Love the edgy style! I'm still using the lovely items that I got, and I think that is the collection that I have most items from.

I'm planning to do a detailed match-up and comparison among the past collection's necklaces and earrings, so do look out for it in the near future!


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