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Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY tutorial: cat ear headband clips

I have been into the cat ear look, and decided do make my own pearl ones. Here's a simple tutorial for your DIY! Step-by-step with photos after the jump!

Materials needed:
Silver wire. Here I use 14 gauge aluminum wire
2 hair clips for one side, 4 clips for a pair of cat ears
Faux pearl beads. I used 9 for each side, but you can add more or use less
White glue


1. Attach the black hairclip on one end of the wire. Ensure that the clip is secure. For mine, I did a simple loop and twisted the end to the longer side.

Here's the finished loop on the end of the hairclip:

2. Thread the pearls through the wire. I used 9 pearls for one side. At this point you don't need to position the pearls yet.

3. Attach the black clip at the other side after measuring the length of wire you want the cat ear outline to be.

4. At this point, arrange the pearls in the position that you want them to be. Apply a small bit of glue at the point that you want the pearl to be, then slide the pearl over the glue and let dry. Avoid too much glue, else you will have a lot of residue at the ends of the beads. Also, avoid superglue or glue that dries extremely quickly, else if you make any mistake in positioning the pearl, there is no room or time for change. White glue works well as it dries slowly.

5. Repeat the steps to make another cat ear, and you're done!

After letting the glue dry and cure, you're good to go!

A comparison of the cat hairband and my DIY version! Hope this tutorial is helpful to all who wanna try out this style!


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