The Geeky Rabbit: my new cat beret: looks and inspiration

Saturday, October 20, 2012

my new cat beret: looks and inspiration

I have been into cat ears these days, including the cat ear hairband (and DIY instructtions here). Recently, I managed to get a nice black cat ear beret. It's been really hot in the Japanese fashion scene this fall season, and is seen on models like Lena. It's a usual size of a beret, and slightly flatter than a usual trucker hat (here it lies beside my panda hat).

The above photos are taken from Japanese magazines Vivi and Sweet. The beret goes with casual knits and simple looks, and black is the most versatile color. Red is a pretty bold choice, and looks good in the magazines too. However, I'm not that audacious when it comes to the colors, so black was my safest bet. 

The ones featured are in plain wool, but for the one i bought I decided to try a more funky variant. I chose black wool with silver studs on the ear.

I love the funky twist to the sweet-looking beret, and I can't wait to wear it out! So many ways to rock a cat ear look.


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