The Geeky Rabbit: Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld: collection preview and review!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld: collection preview and review!

Remember my earlier post on the gold Shu Uemura eyelash curler? I have always been a huge fan of the Shu eyelash curler, and today I added one more to my collection: Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld! I bagged many items in the entire collection, and the item that I will use most is definitely the eyelash curler. But nonetheless, I also picked up other items in the collection. More on the goodies (especially the pouches that came with the collection) after the jump!

The box itself is such a piece of art- the words are all in red over a black background. The front of the box bears the iconic SUKL logo that embellishes all the product boxes in this collection. I love the whole Mon Shu look. I did spot the bob hairstyle for a pretty long while, so the mascot is something dear to my heart. It kinda reminds me of the hairstyle that I used to have!

The eyelash curler is silver, and comes with a cute Mon Shu charm. Love the little charm! It's rubbery and pretty tough, so I can stash the curler in my makeup bag and the charm can also be wiped clean if there's any makeup on it.

Look how cute Mon Shu is- there's even a signature at the tip of her shirt!

The back side of the charm has the brand name.

The curler is the same as the regular silver one that I've shown here, except that the rubber pad is red. As with the usual Shu eyelash curler, each box comes with one extra rubber pad that's sealed in a little plastic bag.

Here's a look at all the makeup and accessories that were available for the Karl Lagerfeld collection. According to my makeup artist, there'll be another lip color that's gonna be released soon for the Christmas season, closer to the end of the year. These products shown here are the main items of the collection. The only items that are not included here are the cleansing oil and mousse.

The packaging for the products are absolutely gorgeous! The gift-with-purchase for the promotion is awesome too. I'll probably do another post to share about the pouches as they're absolutely lovely! Here's a peek at the designs:


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