The Geeky Rabbit: Darkness Eyelid Tape

Monday, November 12, 2012

Darkness Eyelid Tape

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Darkness have many different eye products, and I had discussed about their series of eyelash and eyelid glue previously (see this and this). They also have lots of eyelid tapes. I personally do not use eyelid tapes, but here's one for comparison with the eyelid glue. There's 4 different ones available, and here is one of their eyelid tape.

The eyelid tape is made by 3M, and comes packed in a small slide packaging. Perfect for travel! The eyelid tapes come in little pieces, but they can be torn so that each piece only has 5 pairs of tape. I like how the product is extremely travel-friendly, and can be great for putting into any makeup bag on the go.

The package comes with instructions, but they are all in korean. There's a little plastic stick to help pushing the sticker in place on the lid. The instruction shows how to use the eyelid tape.


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