The Geeky Rabbit: DIY cat ear beanie tutorial

Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY cat ear beanie tutorial

In the trend of my cat ear beret tutorial, I decided to make my own cat ear beanie as well. I've seen it in a lot of Japanese fashion magazines these days. With the colder season coming up, it's a good chance for me to indulge in some new headgear, hence I decided to upcycle my old beanie to make a feline-looking one. 

I found an old black beanie. You can use other knitted ones of any color, but personally I prefer plain ones with no prints. The most suitable one is a long floppy beanie, so that you have more cloth in excess to make the ears.

The most important step is to cut the ears out and sew it up. This step must be done with the beanie turned inside out so that the sewing does not show up on the right side. It's not hard to sew the ears up, as the beanie is quite small. It can be hand-sewn in a few minutes. Make sure that the beanie is aligned on both sides when you are cutting. As a rough guideline, the red line shown above is where you make the incision, and then you can sew along the white line. Alternatively, instead of cutting the knit fabric then sewing up the beanie, you can also chalk the outline and sew the two sides together before cutting the excess cloth. I folded up the brim of the beanie bottom to make the headband thicker, and sewed the side together as well.

I decided to customize my beanie with silver metal studs for a more edgy feel. The studs have 4 prongs (one on each side) and can be pressed-on my hand.

The final product looks adorable with a more funky twist, and I love the whole look with the studs!


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