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Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY cat ear beret tutorial

Remember my obsession with cat ear headbands and cat ear berets? I've come up with a simple tutorial to make one for yourself! It requires materials that are widely available. I couldn't make a wool one myself as I don't have access to wool, but I managed to make one with felt. I'm quite pleased with the results, and hope this would be helpful to anyone who wants to make one! The one on the left (red) is DIY-ed while the one on the right (black) is the wool one that I bought.

You'll need a felt hat and some felt. Any color would be ok, so for mine I picked red. I got the red fedora and felt at the local Japanese mart. The felt fedora is sturdy enough to keep the shape, yet soft enough so that I can sew on the cat ears.

If you are very good with sewing, you can also make your own bow-shaped hat. I prefer my hat to be seamless, so I chose a pre-made one to refashion.

The first step is to cut off the flap on the fedora. I cut it in two steps so that it is easier to trim off the brim nicely.

above: after the first cut

I made the cat ears out of felt. There is no need to have any fixed shape or size for the cat ear, and I believe it'd be pretty neat to make ears of various shapes (bunny ears, anyone?). For the cat dear, the basic shape required is triangular. The base of the ears can be sewed on with thread of the same color. I think glue would work too, but I wanted the ears to be more sturdy hence I sewed on the cat ears. 


The size is similar to the original wool cat ear beret that I have, but of course it is not as lush since it's felt. I love the red and it's a real pop for any outfit! This is a great idea for anyone who wants to make a hat with animal ears, and it's definitely not restricted to plan colors and monoton styles. Imagination's the limit!


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