The Geeky Rabbit: DIY protective sleeve for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY protective sleeve for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

My Galaxy Tab 2 is my new best buddy- it's a great help for work, and holds lots of music for me to listen to when I'm relaxing. I've always been using the hard case that came bundled with the Tab 2, but parts of it got scratched. I've been looking for a cute and functional sleeve to fit over the Tab 2, hard case included, but most of the sleeves that I found could not fit the tablet with the sleeve on. As such, I decided to make my own!

I actually used a neoprene Hello kitty folder to make my sleeve. The original folder is A4-sized with a zip across its width, so I cut the folder into half. Both halves fit the Tab 2 snuggly, and I'm using the one without the zip as my tablet sleeve. The other side with a zipper is now just a regular padded pouch that's perfect for accessories. Good protection too, since the neoprene is pretty thick.

Thankfully, the neoprene was soft enough so I could sew it with a regular sewing machine! If not, I'd have to stitch everything by hand and that would take a lot of time. The entire project was done in just ten minutes!

Really happy with my new tab sleeve, especially as a Hello Kitty fan, I'm glad to have such a cute customized sleeve!


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