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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello Kitty Loves Liberty Print: Mook preview

I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty, and one of my favorite collaboration is the Hello Kitty for Liberty Print. They had a few collections out with Samantha Thavasa and I have some of the items. I was thrilled to see the Hello Kitty Loves Liberty Print Mook (magazine-book) out on the shelves! The cover is absolutely adorable. Comes with a snap-clasp pouch with Hello Kitty Liberty Print!

The back cover shows the logo. Super cute, and I love the floral prints that is iconic of Liberty prints.

The pouch measures 14 cm by 17 cm by 5.5 cm. It's quite roomy and can hold makeup, as demonstrated in the mook.

I always love looking at the Liberty Print mooks (be it Hello Kitty or not) as they always showcase the latest prints in the season. Such a feast for the eye! Love the colors and vibrant prints in the mook.

And as always, there's a DIY section with tips on creating Hello Kitty accessories with the Liberty Print cloth! This section is present for most of the past Liberty Print mook I've seen too. Great for DIY. The templates are not drawn to scale so you'd need to enlarge them for the actual project.

Love the mook very much! I've not opened the pouch as yet, but I'm pretty excited to start using it as a makeup case.


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