The Geeky Rabbit: Hello Kitty Loves Liberty Print- mook pouch reveal

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello Kitty Loves Liberty Print- mook pouch reveal

Previously featured: Hello Kitty Loves Liberty Mook here

Yes, I finally decided to open the Hello Kitty Loves Liberty Print mook pouch, and the pouch is really pretty and sturdy! Can't wait to use it. More after the jump.

The interior is a very pretty pink, and it's quite sturdy indeed! As you can see the fabric is pretty glossy, so it's safe from spills and stains. I like how the fabric is soft, but waxy so that it's protected from water. I believe it should be waterproof on the outside, though I've not tried it.

The clasp is a bronze framed snap closure, and that adds a vintage touch to the whole look. Goes very well with the liberty print, I must say.

The pouch, as mentioned in the previous post, is pretty huge and is almost half the side of my macbook keyboard! It's definitely very roomy and can fit stuff like a compact camera, mobile phone and small gadgets. It can't fit tablets due to the snap closure that's pretty rigid. 

Totally in love with the print and it's a great discovery indeed!



Anonymous said...


I came across your blog when i was searching for this Hello Kitty mook! May I know where did you bought the mag and how much is it?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon :)

The Geeky Rabbit said...

HI! The mook can be found at Kinokuniya ( for the respective country and each diff store has its shipping policy) or you can order it directly from Japan Amazon if you can't find it in stores. The retail price listed is ¥1680 and the actual price may vary depending on where you get it. Hope it helps! :)