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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sigma Tightline Liner and Waterline Liner brushes

I recently got my hands on the Sigma E16 and E17 brushes, namely the tightline liner and waterline liner brushes. They come as part of the Performance Eye Kit. I must confess that I already have most of the brushes that are in the Performance Eye Kit- not by Sigma, but from a variety of brands. I was quite curious about how the tightline and waterline brushes would work out. I managed to get the brush set on sale, so it was an awesome deal!

The box is very slim and flatter than I had expected, and the closure is marked with a Sigma assurance seal. Due to a promotion, I managed to get the kit at USD40 inclusive of postage. The price listed on the Sigma website is USD61, and that price was indeed pretty steep. When I saw the promotion this time round, I knew I had to get it! It works out to USD5 per brush, and is much more affordable than the individual eye brushes sold on the site (the typical eye brush would cost USD10).

The brushes in this kit, as the box suggest, are all for eye makeup. The kit comes with a whole array of 8 brushes, so it covers all the functions that you need. Cream or powder products will go great with the set! I'm kinda amused that it has 3 out of 8 brushes devoted to eye liner. Definitely for the more dramatic eye looks!

Of course, my favorite ones are the E16 and E17 brushes as I had mentioned. I usually draw my tightline and waterline with cream liners, and I use the Bobbi Brown cream liner brush to do it. However, the Bobbi Brown one is pretty stumpy, so it can get messy at times. Especially for dark colors, without a steady hand it'd be pretty hard to do a good line.

I've not tried the brushes yet, but as you can see the tightline one (top) is slightly larger than the waterline one. This kinda makes sense, since the waterline needs more precision. However, if I'm travelling, I'd just bring the waterline one with me.

Just a tip, the tightline refers to the inner edge of the top eyelids where the lashes end, and the waterline refers to the corresponding region on the bottom lids. 

A simple way to remember: Tightline is on Top!

I do wish that these 2 brushes are sold on their own, and I hope Sigma would offer them individually instead of being part of the Performance Eye Kit. Not that I mind having the other brushes, but I have a lot of eye brushes in my collection, so I'd definitely have preferred to get the E16 and E17 if not for the sale.


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