The Geeky Rabbit: Kate Spade x 25ans glass case

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kate Spade x 25ans glass case

I recently picked up the December issue of 25ans (a Japanese magazine) and it came bundled with a Kate Spade glass/spectable/sunglass case. Initially I thought it was the usual pouches that most magazines had gifts-with-purchase, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover it's a really nice glass sleeve/pouch!

The pouch is pretty flat so it came wrapped in plastic and was slipped in between the pages of the magazine.

The inside is lined with red felt, and the closure is a snap-on one. It has a metal band in the brim, so when you open the case it can automatically snap back when released

The iconic kate spade print is very pretty!

As seen in the magazine, the print comes with a series of related merchandise, and according to the magazine it's in conjunction with a fund-raising event in Japan.

The quality of the case is pretty good, and it's refreshing to see such novel bundled gifts with magazines! I've got lots of zip-cases and little drawstring pouches from previous magazines, so this is definitely a good change from the usual gift.


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