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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The complete collection of agnès b for eclipse mints

I had previously featured 3 out of 4 of the agnès b for eclipse tin mints here, and now that I've managed to get the last tin to complete my collection, I've an updated post with the new tin mint! The series of dinos are all in the mood of the festive season, and all 4 tins feature dinosaurs decked out in their festive gear (check out the agnès b scarf that the dino is wearing on the extreme right tin! Fashionable indeed!).  I'm glad to have managed to find all 4 tin mints as I've read that the mints were snapped out extremely quickly.

The new addition to my collection is the one that is sold exclusively in the agnès b boutique. It features 3 dinos on the tin, and is in the winterfrost flavor. This flavor cannot be found in the supermarket or the convenient stores.

The mint is by Wrigley's, which is famous for their minty gum.

The top lid features the dinosaur motif as well.

In my previous entry, I didn't really mention the flavors that the mints come in. Each colored tin actually refers to a different flavor. Other than the limited edition tins, the flavors in the regular tins are available all year round! The light blue one is in peppermint, the green one spearmint and the purple one blackcurrent. Hence there are 4 unique flavors in all (with the winterfrost as the boutique exclusive).

I've not started eating every flavor. So far I've only opened the spearmint, and here's a peek at the other side of the mint tin. It's usually covered in either a sticker or plastic label with the nutritional information so I can't show the design for the tins that I've not opened.

The boutique exclusive mint is also the same price as the ones sold at the supermarket and convenient stores, so that is something pretty awesome about the collection. It's good that the prices are not jacked up for the festive season or for the collaboration. Not sure if it's still available in stores as I heard it's mostly sold out, but if you come across it, definitely grab some! 


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