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Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Caviar Nails Tutorial

Happy New Year everyone! It's already 2013, and I decided to ring in the new year with some festive nail art. I've always wanted to try caviar nails, so I picked up some microbeads at the nail art store. I'll share some tips on how to do a very efficient, neat and non-wasteful caviar nail tutorial, with minimal microbead wastage! 

The basic material required is, of course, microbeads. Here I have black, blue and pink microbeads (or caviar). You can get them at the nail supplies store or craft store. Personally I prefer getting mine at the nail supplies store as the selection of color is more wide and the colors offered are vibrant. At the craft store, most of the colors are very basic.

The first step is to do a base color. For mine, I am going to use black as the base as I am mixing black and blue microbeads. This helps to make any chipping less obvious, so it helps with the durability of the manicure. I'm using Essence Galactic Black.

The secret trick here? Scotch tape! I'm using the removable kind so that the microbeads will not be stuck too tightly on them. You'll see why later.

I'll usually pour a bit of microbead out on the packet and lightly scatter them on the tape. The beads are light so they'll adhere to the tape. To prevent wastage, I do it slowly and build up the microbead area.

This method is suitable for doing designs and patterns with microbeads, but here I'm randomly adding black and blue microbeads. The above pic shows how the completed sticker looks like. I'm using the Sharpie as an anchor for the tape.

The next step is to apply a tacky polish (I use OPI topcoat), and then quickly paste the sticker with the microbeads facing the nails. Rub the tape gently, and the microbeads should come off easily and stick on the nails.

After 10-20 seconds, the microbeads should be quite firmly stuck on the nails as the nail polish has dried. Carefully peel off the tape. This method is neat, fast and clean. No messy table, and you have full control over the design and how much microbeads are used!

The last step is to finish off the nail art with top coat and clean off any excess that's stuck on the skin around the nail.

I only did the caviar nails on my ring finger as I didn't want the design to be too loud. I used the Essence polishes I got earlier for the other nails, with the blue glitter specks to match the blue of the microbeads. I love this look and can't wait to try more designs with the pink microbeads!


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