The Geeky Rabbit: Using spray bottles for brush cleaner

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Using spray bottles for brush cleaner

I usually use liquid cleaner to wash my brush. My favourite is the M.A.C brush cleaner. One qualm I have is that the cleaner bottle has a pour-cap. I tend to pour too much brush cleaner especially when I am washing smaller eye brushes. Hence, I switched up to a spray bottle. 

I swapped the original plastic cap for the spray cap that came with the Hello Kitty bottle that I got previously. The spray cap fits the M.A.C bottle perfectly. I tried to find the perfect cap, and I'm glad it's not hard to find it! However, I believe different brands of brush cleaner might have different sizes of caps, so do measure the one you have to to make sure the spray cap fits.

With the spray cap, I can have full control of how much brush cleaner I want to use for each pump. It's great when I am washing smaller brushes, and it prevents wastage.

Another way is just to decant some of the brush cleaner into a smaller spray bottle. This is perfect for travelling, and I usually bring a bit when I'm out and about. Just in case I need to wash my brushes.


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