The Geeky Rabbit: Lesportsac 2013 Spring/Summer Mook Review

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lesportsac 2013 Spring/Summer Mook Review

I was at the bookshop just now and picked up the Lesportsac 2013 mook. Released today in Japan, the mook has 3 designs for the cover and attached bag. I chose the Hello Daisy design. Some peeks at the mook and designs after the jump! This is the 25th Anniversary Mook.

From the cover of Hello Daisy. 

As seen in the above image, there are 3 designs- Hello Daisy (mine), Lake Pin Dots (blue) and Bows (beige).

Some pictures of how you can use the bag provided. It's actually pretty huge and useful, and can serve as one of those "bag-in-bag". Usually, you can stash all the essentials in the pouch and then transfer it into any handbag that you are carrying for the day. Convenient, so that you don't have to repack all your bags each time you swap bags!

The mook provides some sneaks of the upcoming prints and collections, and I must say the two prints that I am most looking forward to are Scarves and Mademoiselle. 

Some upcoming bags, including a men's collection. I'm looking forward to the blue tote above, from the  Scarves collection. Very nautical, perfect for summer!

A new bag that caught my eye is the Abbey bag. Looks like a great travelling bag!

I've been a huge fan of Lesportsac since I was young, and I grew up using various bags from the brand for school and outings. I still have the older bags, though I hardly use them as some of them are torn. I've also been buying the mooks since 3 years back, so I've accrued 4 of the past year mooks.

I tend to gravitate to the more neutral prints over the years, and even for my choice of mooks it can be seen that I prefer the darker, planer tones. Each year offers 3 designs, and I only pick up one each time.

April/March is the spring season, which also means a lot more mooks to be released in the upcoming months! Will keep this space updated with the latest goodies!



Anonymous said...

Can you post pictures of your bag too?

The Geeky Rabbit said...

I will try to post some pics of the bag later this week! :)

The Geeky Rabbit said...

Photos are up!