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Saturday, February 16, 2013

new beauty tools from Daiso

I was out shopping at Daiso the other day and I discovered some new beauty tools. Daiso has pretty random items and from time to time, I would uncover some hidden gems! All for $2 each too! Their stuff sell out pretty fast and the variety of products are regularly rotated, so you may not see the same item for long. I saw these stuff and decided to pick some up!

The first tool is a false eyelash tweezers. I love the hot pink tone of it! It's interesting to see a plastic eyelash tweezers as most of the the ones I've come across are metal. The plastic design is pretty safe for the eyes, as it isn't as sharp, blunt or hard as the metal ones.

However, the highlight of this product is that it is 2-sided. The flip-side of the tweezers is actually a small rubber tip that is used to push the corners of the eyelash in place. It's similar to a rubber cuticle pusher. Very innovative and convenient! It's great to have something to adjust the eyelashes. It's a bit dangerous to use metal tweezers to do it. I usually use my fingertips but it can be pretty messy at times.

The rubber tip is pink too! Really pretty!

An introduction on the features of the tool:

The second item I picked up is a silicon eyelid tape/glue fixer. According to the packaging, it's meant to adjust eyelid tape/glue to make sure the crease is set properly. The silicon material is soft and slightly flexible. It also doubles as an eye massager.

How to use the tool, according to the packaging:

For this item, I actually plan to use it as a spatula to pick up eye cream from the pot and massage it onto the eye area. It's easy to clean and not very big, so it's just the right size for a massager. I prefer this to the normal plastic spatula as the plastic spatulas are too hard to directly apply the eye cream to the eye area.


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