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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some goodies from Hello Kitty x Forever21

I recently picked up some items from the Hello Kitty Forever Exclusive Collection at Forever 21. I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty (as always) so I was pretty thrilled to find more stuff! There were a lot of home decor items and pillows. Very adorable, but I decided not to get them as I usually put pillow protectors over my pillows and hence the designs will be covered. More into the accessories and am very pleased with my goodies!


I managed to pick up the last piece of this necklace, and I was extremely excited to find it! It features a paint spattered hello kitty motif with a tiny paint brush charm. Pretty unique design for Hello Kitty merchandise, as most items are towards the dainty side. This is a bit more spunky and fun.

A closeup of the paint splatters:

The design is pretty random, with green, yellow and pink splashes all over. The paintbrush tip is dipped in yellow "paint". I'm actually considering doing such a manicure to match the necklace! Idea indeed.

The next item that I got is an iPad case. It should fit most other tablets as well. It is covered in black sequins with an embroidered hello kitty silhouette  covered in studs. This case is actually pretty expensive- double the price of the necklace. It's something that I can use everyday so it justifies the higher price.
 Even the tag is so adorable! It actually features a bunch of Sanrio characters. The whole collection features other friends of Hello Kitty as well, and there was a backpack and tote in the same print as the tag.

The 6 characters in this collection:

This was quite an unexpected purchase as I didn't really expect to find items I love from the collection. Very happy with the pouch and can't wait to use it!


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