The Geeky Rabbit: More arm candy combos: pink

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More arm candy combos: pink

With spring coming up, I've been loving light pastel tones, and my recent arm candy combinations revolve around pink tones.I recently made a few spring-ish bracelets and have been stacking them. The above bracelet is something that I made, and I love the look of it!

I found a crystal bead tube and it went well with silver plastic lanyard. The tube bead has a metal inner core and the outside is plastered with (I think) colored ceramic. It has 2 tones of pink crystal embellishments and white crystals in the center of the tube. I love the gradients of pink!

When stacked with the pink skull crystal bead bracelet I made, along with other bangles, it gives a spunky yet feminine look.

Inspirations for spring, my favorite season!


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