The Geeky Rabbit: pink skull crystal: bracelet DIY

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pink skull crystal: bracelet DIY

I haven't been making arm candies of late, but I've always had a thing for lots of bracelets stacked. I usually make my own bracelet (even with goldfilled wires, as seen here). I recently got some new crystal beads, similar to the ones that I had used in this post. This time, I found pink skull beads with crystals on them! Really pretty combo with the white crystal beads.

The top of the skull is fully encrusted with light pink crystals. The only part with no crystals is the 'face'.

A look at the back of the pink skull beads:

I personally adore this combo as the pink and white are very pretty pastel colors, while the skull heads gave the bracelet a more edgy feeling. The black cord used makes the bracelet easy to match with other arm candies. This is one of the more versatile styles that can be worn with a variety of color combis and I'm definitely loving it!


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