The Geeky Rabbit: Cooking Pitan Tofu

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cooking Pitan Tofu

I realized that I've never really blogged about cooking and food here, so here's my first DIY post that's dedicated to food! I love Japanese cuisine, and one of my favorite dishes is Pitan Tofu. It's a fusion dish, and I love how the silky tofu goes with the creamy sauce.

The dish is not hard to prepare. I used organic Yakko tofu, which is easily available at the supermarket. The Yakko tofu does not require any heating and can be eaten directly, so it's perfect for the Pitan Tofu (which is, by the way, a cold dish).

There's quite a few recipes online on how to prepare the sauce. I didn't exactly follow the ones available. I tried to mix the ingredients to suit my own palate. I even added a dash of garlic pepper (not commonly used for Pitan Tofu) to give it a more salty taste. It was quite an exciting and gratifying experience! One century egg is sufficient to make quite a bit of sauce, as the yolk of the century egg was much bigger than the normal egg.

I also topped off the sauce with lots of spring onions (yums!) and a dash of fish roe/ caviar. The overall taste is sweet, crunchy and cooling. Very delicious and satisfying! A perfect dish to cool off in the scorching summer weather!


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