The Geeky Rabbit: Ladurée Singapore's Keyring back in stock!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ladurée Singapore's Keyring back in stock!

I was extremely excited to chance upon the Ladurée keyring (commonly referred to as the bag charm/keychain)! It was sold out in Singapore when it was first launched earlier this year in April (during the Ladurée opening). The second batch of stocks arrived on June 14 (Thursday), and the keychain/keyring/bag charm has been flying off the shelves! I managed to pick up a few of them, and in what I know the Mint and Rose one is almost sold out. The one shown above is mint, with the light blue box.

The reason why I mentioned that it's called the keyring is that many people confuse it as the bag charm. Officially, the bag charm is the one that has a huge macaron charm, and it is not available in Singapore.  

Each keyring comes with a care card/intro card and the words are all in Japanese. I believe this should be the Japanese version. I am not sure if the Paris version is different, but the one I got in the Singapore boutique is exactly the same as the one I have from Japan.

The gorgeous keyring as above! I really love the colors for this one- light blue, cream and pink to represent the mint, vanilla and rose flavors. The blue actually reminds me of the Marie Antoinette macaron, though the Marie Antoinette one has light brown filling. It's my favorite macaron flavor, but sadly it's a seasonal flavor that's no longer available.

Really happy that I managed to get the keyrings this time round. Not sure when the next shipment will arrive, given that the time between the first shipment and this second shipment is 2 months! If you are looking for it, you can pop by the Ladurée shop to check it out (the keyring is not available at the counter). The 5 keyrings available are the rose, pistaschio, mint, liquorice and rouge fruit. There's other keyring 'flavors' available in Japan, but as far as I know the SG one only carries these 5 types.

Edit: The last keyring that is not available in Singapore is the Violet one (with pink,green and violet macaron charms). A huge pity since it's absolutely pretty! And I just saw my favorite Marie Antoinette flavor available at the Ladurée counter so cheers to that!)


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