The Geeky Rabbit: Newly spotted: Hello Kitty x Uni Style Fit

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Newly spotted: Hello Kitty x Uni Style Fit

I had discussed about the Uni Style Fit earlier in this post, and guess what I spotted? A new design of the Hello Kitty Style Fit pen! This pen is not part of the 6 that were released earlier this year. I was very thrilled about this new find.

The pen comes pre-filled, unlike the ones that I got earlier. It comes with 3 ink colors- blue, black and red. They are all 0.5mm ball point refills.

I love the design! It features Hello Kitty with a teddy bear, and little cloud speech bubbles with "Itty-bitty, kind and pretty" in it. How cute is that!

This is a 3 multi-pen, which is pretty convenient for toting in the handbag as it is not very thick. I probably will switch out the red for a pencil refill as I hardly use red pens.

Really happy with the new multi-pen!

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