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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some Hello Kitty Stationery finds

There had been many sales, especially at Kinokuniya over the month of June and I managed to get some nice new Hello Kitty stationery! Really pleased with the finds as some of the sale item was marked down significantly.

I got this bookmark at almost 60% off the original price. It was a surprising find as I thought this series of metal bookmarks had been discontinued for some time. I picked the Hello Kitty with a white crystal on the bow. I also saw My Melody bookmark clips of a similar style.

Up next is a fountain pen! It's something pretty unique, as fountain pens are not so common these days. The pen uses refillable cartridges, so it is very convenient.

Each pen comes with 5 refills- 1 packed with the pen and 4 taped to the pen. The model of the cartridge used is SPN-100A. I don't think the refills are hard to find, as I have seen them at Daiso.  The entire set cost SGD11.60 (before any discount) and the pen refills go at SGD 2.50 for a pack of 2. In effect, the pen and 1 refill pack is only SGD 6.60.

The ink cartridge that comes with the pen even has a small Hello Kitty topper. Love the iridescent shimmer of the cap! 

Last item this time round is a pencil lead for 0.5mm refills. I love the overall design of the case- pink with kitty motif, but what caught my attention is that it can hold 2 different types of pencil leads!

The bow can be slid right or left, and the interior is separated so the 2 lead types do not get mixed up. There's 10 of each type of lead. I'm definitely keeping the case after I finish the pencil leads.

Didn't get a lot of other items other than these. I'm always on the lookout for unique stationery (especially sanrio onces!) and this sale season has indeed been pretty fruitful!


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