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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Maybelline Lash Factory False Eyelashes

Maybelline released a couple of false eyelash kits in Japan, and I managed to pick some up recently! I was quite excited to find them. Being a huge fan of Maybelline mascaras, this is something that I had been looking forward to. There are 3 'eye-types' with 2 corresponding lashes for each type. There's the single eyelid, hidden double-eyelid and double eyelid. It's made specially for Asian eye shapes. I got myself 2 different ones, both for double eyelid. As above, each kit comes with 2 pairs of lashes and the glue is sold separately.

The first lash kit that I got is DB-01, which is meant for people with double eyelids that are not 'inside' or 'concealed'. This lash is very natural and has a clear lash band, which is great. I generally prefer lashes that have clear lashbones as it is less obvious after gluing on the falsies. For me, I prefer to use clear lash glue on an everyday basis, so having a transparent lashbone is crucial to maintain a natural look. Moreover, a clear lash band offers the option of not lining the eyes when using false eyelashes as it is less visible than a dark or black lash band. Below is a sample of the eyelash that is shown in the instructions:

The second set is called DB-02, and it is the more dramatic set of eyelashes for the double eyelid collection. The lashes also have a clear lashbone. In comparison, the lashes here are darker, longer and fuller. DB-01 looks much more scanty in comparison:

From the photos in the instruction, it is clearly seen the 'After' image is very dramatic!

I didn't get the lash glue for this collection as I have always been using the Darkness Eyelash Glue. So far the lashes look wonderful and seem to be pretty sturdy, so I believe I can get quite a few wears out of each pair. Very happy to find these and they indeed turned out to be a good buy!

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