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Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY mini makeup palette

I have quite a lot of different samplers and mini-sized makeup products. It can get a bit cumbersome to bring all the small products out in my makeup bag when I travel or when I go out with a tiny bag. As such, I decided to make my own palette. It's a simple project with materials easily obtained. It's extremely convenient to bring the sleek and small palette out, and it can even fit into my jeans pocket!

Materials you need: 
  • Eyelash case- best with a hard case and a flip-out lid, and not the snap-on kind. Here I am using a lash case from Pop Beauty.
  • Various pans of products, preferably sample-size to fit into the lash case. Here I have a small Sugarbomb and Hoola by Benefit

First, remove the lashes and the plastic lash holder. Try placing the pans into the eyelash case and make sure the pans fit. Here, the Hoola bronzer and Sugarbomb blusher fit perfectly, with some more space for a few other little pans!

Next, Prepare some magnets that are in the size of the pan. I didn't have a large piece of sheet magnet so I used three smaller pieces of smaller magnet. Use some double-sided tape or glue to stick the magnet onto the eyelid case. Make sure most of the case's base is covered so that the pan can be placed on any part of the pan and still be attracted by the magnet.

This project can be completed in ten to fifteen minutes, and it's very useful! Most pans would be able to stick onto the magnet as they are made of metal (containing iron mostly, I believe).

I love the overall look of the palette. There's lots of ways the palette can be customized and decorated. I probably will be placing a mirror on the transparent side of the lid. Need to get to the craft store to get the mirror and more goodies soon!

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