The Geeky Rabbit: More products from the tokidoki x sanrio characters collection

Friday, November 22, 2013

More products from the tokidoki x sanrio characters collection

Some stores have started to roll out the Tokidoki x Sanrio Character collection, and I was thrilled to be able to pick some of the items up! Here's a short peek at some of the stuff that I got. The collection is extremely limited, and some of the merchandise are already sold out. The Sanrio I went to was out of the iPhone 5 cases when I was there!

I got myself a wristlet, and the design that appears on it will vary for every single one depending on where the fabric is cut. Just something on the bag. There were 5-6 different sizes, but only the larger bags came with the bag charm. I am still considering getting a larger bag! The small wristlet and shoulder bag does not come with the bag charm. Just a heads up in case you are looking for the bag charm in particular! 

Moreover, the tag for the bags is actually a sticker. How cool is that! I really love the concept. I do collect my tokidoki product tags so this is a bonus.

The plushies come in various sizes. There were too many to choose from so I only got a few. Can't really decide which are the ones that I want. I am tempted to get everything!

The lanyards are pretty cute too! Comes with a small dangling charm (same as the one that's sold separately). The card in the lanyard is a sticker/decal. That's something new!

Overall I love this collection as much as the other collections from previous years. It's a real treat to be able to get all the other Sanrio friends in this as well. The bags are definitely worth a shot- and do look for the print that you like! Make sure it includes the characters that you want. Get them quick as the items really sell out super fast!

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