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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nanoblock glasses frame (sunglasses)

I chanced upon something new over the weekend, and it is something that' I've never seen before! Recently, a whole series of new nanoblock products have been popping up, and I picked up the nano block glasses frame. A real treat for me, as I love nanoblocks and DIY!

There were many colors of the frame available. The color is not stated explicitly on the box, but you can check the price tag for the color. I saw a few interesting selections- orange, pink, blue, black and white. I got a black one as I prefer darker frames for my eyewear.

The kit comes with a pair of clear lenses, some loose nanoblocks, a pouch with the frame. The original color of the frame attached with the glasses is black.

There was also a small photo frame charm attached to the glasses. What a cute and pleasant surprise!

The frame looks like any other normal frame, except for the little grooves for the nanoblocks. In the above image, I edited it to make the color of the blocks show. 

The instructions come in both English and Traditional Chinese. Quite easy to understand. No assembly required if you are stocking with the black lenses, else you can switch out to the clear lenses.

I haven't tried to fit my Sanrio characters on the nano frame, but it would be pretty cool to have a Hello Kitty or Melody sitting at the side of my frame! Looking forward to try some combinations and will post the pictures when I've settled on the design I want.

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