The Geeky Rabbit: New Discovery- Hello Kitty lip gloss palette

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Discovery- Hello Kitty lip gloss palette

I was out and about at Takashimaya, and realized that there was a Sanrio/ Toys sale. I spotted this nifty little palette at the Hello Kitty aisle. It's something pretty unique and I definitely will use the gloss inside! There's actually quite a lot of Sanrio goodies at the toy section of the department store, and the prices are very affordable.

The palette is a flip-out one, with 3 gloss shades and a mirror. It also has a small lip brush.

There are 2 outfits that can be snapped on to the Hello Kitty's plastic torso.  Personally I prefer the pink dress to match the pink bow. The dress has 2 pieces- one for the back of the palette, and one for the front of the palette.

The dress will snap on to cover the yellow part. Fits nicely and tightly, so it doesn't fall out easily.

Here's how the inside of the palette looks like! 3 very versatile shades- a clear one (appears white), a light pink and a peach tone gloss. The colors are very light and has faint shimmer. There's no scent to the gloss, and it's a very basic lip palette. Probably catered more to teens/tweens and the younger crowd, considering it's found in the toy section!

The palette isn't very big- here's a comparison with a uni multi-pen. It fits into small handbags and makeup pouches, so it's extremely convenient. I probably won't switch out the "clothes" of Hello Kitty often as it is a bit cumbersome to pry the clothes off.

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