The Geeky Rabbit: Comparison: Tokidoki x Sanrio Characters- Japan and USA collection

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Comparison: Tokidoki x Sanrio Characters- Japan and USA collection

I got several items from the latest holiday collection by Sanrio, featuring Tokidoki. I was lucky enough to obtain both the Japan collection and USA collections. Here, I'll do a comparison between the Japan and USA products. The theme is similar, but the color scheme and designs do have some differences!

First is the keychain (Japan) versus the luggage tag (USA). Both are made of very similar rubbery material, but the size is a huge disparity. The luggage tag is a lot bigger than the keychain, even for the ones that are of the same design. Shown above is the Sandy Hello Kitty- identical design, but different color scheme. The luggage tag is in full color while the keychain is in a pink monochrome. Moreover, the keychain has a small mirror at the back. Perfect for on the go!

The luggage tag has a simple design at the back, with a card for the usual particulars required of a luggage tag. 

Up next are the pouches. Here, I compare the most similar ones- the clutch/ wristlet (USA) and the cosmetic bag (Japan). The USA one features a full color motif with a white background, while the Japan one is a black theme with pink and purple monochrome. 

The inside of the wristlet (USA) features a hot pink fabric that has little signature tokidoki prints.

Sadly, the inside of the Japan-version cosmetic pouch is plain pink. As you can see, the pink fabric is pretty thin and translucent. 

Above: a comparison between the sanrio Characters. Seen here is Purin for both the Japan and USA collection. The print on the USA one is much bigger, and the details are seen more clearly. Purin is wearing different costumes as well- a Moofia (top) versus a Donutella costume (bottom).

I love both collections, and each have their uniqueness and style. The color themes of black and white are easy to match and would go well with different outfits and accessories. There are collaborations between Sanrio and Tokidoki over the past few holiday seasons, but this is the first time characters other than Hello Kitty have been featured. I am totally in love with the designs and can't wait to start using the goodies I got!

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